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We at African Miliki Foods Ltd. are the manufacturer and primary distributor of oma'sTM brand African seasonings and spices. We also carry at this online store, oma'sTM brand dry African food mixes. Make oma'sTM brand products (made with all natural ingredients, gluten free, no MSG, no additives) the number one source of your seasonings and spices supply. Each jar of oma'sTM brand seasonings is filled to the brim with a delicate mixture of herbs and spices that guarantees a tasty consistency to your dishes. Enjoy the convenience of enhancing your individual dish with perfect seasonings from one jar, instead of juggling several jars of herbs and spices. We have peeled, ground and seasoned your beans/black-eyed peas so that your scrumptious Akara (African food bean fritters) is just minutes away, instead of hours of sweat. When your stomach is in need of some easily digestible food, from the oma'sTM Ogi (Akamu or South African amarhewu) in your pantry, just wet a couple spoonfuls in a bowl and add boiling hot water.

While oma'sTM brand African seasonings and spices are available at select stores that carry African or specialty foods (ask at your local grocer), we invite you to browse through our online store and shop with confidence.  Any information you enter here is secured at the highest level of encryption (click to view the certificate below, or the padlock icon that appears above in your browser window at checkout). We also offer safe shopping guarantee. If you checkout with PayPal, you will get the option of electing financing with 6 months interest free to pay for purchases of $99+.   

If you choose to take advantage of free shipping on orders totaling $50 +, we will be glad to oblige you. You may also select free recipe cards to go with your order of oma'sTM brand seasonings and spices. To try any of our seasonings before you buy, just pay standard shipping for about 1 oz. free sample with recipe attached. A choice collection of recipes for a variety of Africa's favorite cuisine utilizing oma'sTM brand seasonings and spices as well as dry food mixes are available at omasspices.com.

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